Cantina Sur - 30/V/2015

On the heels of its recent encounter with the colourful crowd that jigged and jollied itself up in Ottawa’s taco temple of tequila tears and sombrero smiles, Florquestra articulates another one-night-stand proposal of essentially Brazilian palpations at Cantina Sur’s cozy headquarters of Mexican hues, savours and traditions: “Brazilian Dreams in Mexican Jeans (Mattress Melodies from Rio to Bahia and Bedroom Beats for Juan and Maria)” — an evening of melody, harmony, rhythm and rhyme to stash in the beatbox of the heart and take home with a partner to the room where the pillows and the sheets are soft and warm. Featuring Regina Assunta Gomes Teixeira (vocals, percussion), Silvio Módolo (bass, cavaquinho, vocals), Leonard Constant (guitar, vocals)… and a surprise guest on percussion.
Florquestra - Cantina Sur
8 pm, Saturday, May 30, 2015, at Cantina Sur, 665 Bronson, Ottawa.
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