Auberge du Mouton noir

Brazillustration @ Black Sheep Inn / Auberge du Mouton noir (Wakefield, Qc) - 19/I/2019

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Renseignements : 819-459-3228 /


Brazillustration transports the listener to the musical postcards of Brazil and applies its very own brand of jazzy world-folk to original compositions as well as to the work of revered bards (Leonard Cohen, Georges Brassens and other giants). Regina Gomes Teixeira (vocals, percussion), Léonard Constant (guitar, vocals), Alexei Michailowsky (keys, vocals) and Manuel Andrés Cornejo Navarro (percussion, vocals) give shows of sun-kissed melody, harmony, rhythm and rhyme, where audible gold is extracted with voice and instrument from the celebrated mines of bossa nova, samba, baião, xote, samba-reggae, afoxé, marcha, folk, chanson… and more.

Brazillustration will share the Sheep's stage with special guests.

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Black Sleep Inn / Auberge du Mouton noir
753 Chemin Riverside Dr.
Wakefield (Qc) J0X 3G0

Black Sheep Inn - 8/I/2017

Bossa nova, samba and more are on the menu, Sunday, January 8, at 4 pm, at the Black Sheep Inn (753 Riverside Drive, Wakefield, Quebec K1Y 2Y6). In quintet demeanor, Florquestra offers an evening of classics and novelties of Brazilian rhythm and rhyme.

Info: 819-459-3228 /


En quintette, le Florquestra aura le plaisir de brûler les planches de l'Auberge du Mouton Noir (753, promenade Riverside, Wakefield, Québec K1Y 2Y6) dans un récital essentiellement bossanovistico-sambistique, le 8 janvier 2017, à 16 heures.

Renseignements : 819-459-3228 /



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