août 2013

Ottawa Chamberfest — Saint Brigid's Centre for the Arts - 07/08/2013

Présentation officielle / Official presentation :

Florquestra presents “Flortografia”, the companion show to its very first discographic incarnation, imagined, interpreted, arranged, recorded (in Canada and Brazil) by Florquestra and its talented collaborators (Evandro Gracelli, Fernando Acosta, René Gely, Alexandre Cunha, Jasmin Lalande, Paul Doyle, Gabriel Estrela Pinto and Projeto Coisa Fina). “Flortografia” constitutes a small catalogue of repertorial veins Florquestra has been tapping for some time: Brazilian harmonic refinement, the fever of the samba, the sensuality of the bossa nova, the languors of the xote, the tease and twists of the hiccuped forró, the delicate seismics of the chorinho, the magmatic quiver of Andean percussion, the Montmartrian gab of yestercentury squeezeboxes, the melancholy cheekiness of Balkan brass, the blue embrace of jazz... and other manners of earth, water and light that find their way into a workshop full of laughing, weeping, talkative and dancey instruments used to produce Florquestra’s handmade music.

Florquestra is an exciting band composed of musicians from Brazil, Chile, Romania and Canada. Between Brazilian rhythms and Parisian rhymes, Florquestra applies its very own brand of world-jazz to original compositions as well as to the work of revered bards such as Canada’s Leonard Cohen and France’s greatest chanson poet, Georges Brassens.

Featuring Regina Gomes Teixeira (vocals, percussion), Leonard Constant (vocals, guitar), Silvio Módolo (cavaquinho, viola caipira, accordion, piano, musical direction), Angel Araos (percussion), Jasmin Lalande (saxophones, flute)... and special guests Gabriel Pinto (percussion), Joe Hincke (electric bass, double bass) & Rick Rangno (trumpet, flugelhorn).

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