Flapjack's Pancake Shack - 18/VI/2016

On the heels of its recent Appalachian Cabin Tour and its encounters with the colourful crowds that jigged and yawped to its tunes in hunter-trapper, coonskin-shaking, pheasant-wishbone-breaking fashion, Florquestra ends its tour fittingly, articulating tonight's musical one-night-stand of Brazilian palpations at Flapjack’s cozy headquarters of woody hues: “Brazilian Dreams in Lumberjack Jeans (Cabin Melodies from Rio to Bahia and Bunk-Bed Beats for John and Maria)” — an evening of melody, harmony, rhythm and rhyme to kiln in the heat of the heart and take home with a partner to the sawmill where the pillows and the sheets are smooth and sappy.

Featuring Regina Assunta Gomes Teixeira (vocals, percussion), Silvio Módolo (bass, cavaquinho, vocals) and Leonard Constant (guitar, vocals).

Flapjack’s Pancake Shack
354A Preston
Ottawa (Ontario) K1S 3J2

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