Brazillustration / "Souvenirs of Brazil" @ Avant-Garde Bar - 15/VII/2018

souvenirs of brasil

A journey through the musical postcards of Brazil, an evening of sun-kissed melody, harmony, rhythm and rhyme, where audible gold is extracted with voice and instrument from the celebrated mines of samba, bossa nova, baião, xote, samba-reggae, afoxé and marcha.

Personnel: Regina Gomes Teixeira (vocals, percussion), Alexei Michailowsky (keys, vocals), Leonard Constant (guitar, vocals), Jasmin Lalande (reeds, winds) and Manuel Andrés Cornejo Navarro (percussion, vocals).

Sunday, July 15, 2018, 6:30 PM
Avant-Garde Bar
135 1/2 Besserer
Ottawa, Ont.

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